docx - Image

  • I have managed to add an image in word using the following from

    {{docxImage src=this}}

    The images are

    • approx 300x300 pixels large
    • PNG, 500kb - 1MB in size.
    • I save them as Base64 image/png types in a json.

    When I add one image just by drag-drop into word its fast to "edit" (ie left-click on the image and resize it).
    When I open the word-file generated with jsreportonline it takes 5-10 seconds to get the "edit image size" and Word seems to "freeze". File size of the generated word file is approx 5MB and this contains approx 18 images.

    Is there another more optimized image format for json+word? or a better approach to do this?

  • I verified that the size of the image inside docx remains the same as the original.
    Would you be able to email me your final docx so I can check it out?

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