Docker Image and JSReport

  • TLDR; I am unable to get jsreport docker image to resolve the assets even after updating the hosts file in the container.

    My setup is the following (all docker images):

    1. JSReport Server
    2. Apache Server
    3. PHP-FPM with Source Code

    Requests come in the following way
    Apache Server -> PHP-FPM through a proxy setup in site configuration file.

    My end goal is this
    Apache Server -> PHP-FPM -> JSReport Server -> Apache Server (when needing to resolve assets)

    I update the host file in the container to contain the proper url and the ip. I have the url set in "extensions_base_url" and "extentions_asset_rootUrlForLinks" (might be overkill). My reports load fine through html but pdf does not.
    Logs return:

    debug: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

    If I access the container, install curl and put in the asset urls, the CSS returns fine. How can I debug this further?

    I am interesting in doing extremely minimal deployment so I am avoiding loading the assets as volumes at this time.

  • Try to create a test template with just text recipe.

    Put there an asset reference you want. Like this

    {#asset jquery.js @encoding=link}

    To what url does it resolve? Are you able to reach it from within the container?

  • I figured it out. I was using site.localhost which meant everything pointed to

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