Jsreport-handlebars package prevent jsreport startup if NODE_ENV=production

  • Jsreport 2.7.1 - Installing jsreport dependencies with NODE_ENV=production there is an error during startup due to jsreport-handlebars.

    The problem is due to the fact that jsreport-handlebars has in dev dependencies handlebars, when it should be in normal dependencies.

    This error doesn't appear if I use npm install, as the dev dependencies are installed

  • please share exacts steps what you do, and what error you get...
    the handlebars is part of normal deps in the jsreport 2.7.1

  • Hi, after a bit of examination we verified that the error was only by us, as we compiled with different versions of node and then the compatibility was skipped.

    We found an error due to the lack of the handlebar package obtained from jsreport-handlebar, and initially, we thought it was due to the fact that in the js-handlebar package was declared only as devDependencies as you can see here:https://github.com/jsreport/jsreport-handlebars/blob/master/package.json

    However, by retrying the process of package installation and dependency we found our own discrepancy and resolved. Thanks for the support and sorry for the inconvenience!

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