JSReport 2.7.2 losing everything after restart

  • Hey all.

    I have recently upgraded my dev environment to 2.7.2.
    I restarted my PC, logged back into JSReport and its defaulted back to a brand new install, its happened a couple of time now?
    I get the startup screen asking to install templates, all my assets, data files, and templates are gone.

    I am a little concerned as I am about to do an upgrade on production to 2.7.2

    Thanks in advance.

  • What version do you update from?
    Do you use the fs store? Do you see the templates on disk?
    Can you share the startup log?

  • we migrated from 2.2.0, Used to us fs, did an export from 2.2.0 and import into 2.7.2
    Looked in the directory where jsreport.exe 2.7.2 is running there is no template files.
    Have I overlooked something in order to store import to filesystem ?

  • doh! my bad jsreport.exe configure. Forgot about that

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