Can i modify Template/Data using javascript functions in .Net?

  • I'm trying to modify my Data before print the PDF... i wanna do something like this:

    async function beforeRender(req, res) {    = data.orders + (additional data)

    the first thing is that i don't know how to create this operation in .Net using await rs.RenderAsync(new RenderRequest{})

  • Some reason not to do it in the c#?

    The custom script can be passed like this

    RenderAsync(new RenderRequest {
      Template = new Template {
        Scripts = new List<Script> {
           new Script() { Content = "function beforeRender()... "}

  • How can i pass the actual Data in Template/Data and the data that will be concatenated it the function beforeRender and pass the result to Template/Data again to handlebars understand the new data concatenated?

  • I don't get it...

    Why don't you just prepare the data you need in the c#?
    The custom jsreport script doesn't make so much sense when you send the whole request specification in the c#.
    It is mostly used when you have a template stored inside jsreport store and want to do some calculation on the incoming data.

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