docxImage bookmark becomes unlinked

  • When we are generating our document, we noticed that the images that we add using docxImage are becoming unlinked from the bookmark we set. This is causing the tooltip hover over to be the full base64 string, causing Word to hang. 0_1589820257698_bookmarkLinked.JPG

    We have applied for a full support license to get help with this issue. Please let me know if we can follow up there.

  • Hi,

    thank you for the support purchase. I apologize for the delay in the response.

    We weren't able to replicate the issue.
    When we try it the image bookmark is preserved, and also there is no problem with tooltip showing base64 string on hover. Maybe this can be an issue that appears in the combination of other elements in your template.
    Could you share with us your template?
    Or are you able to replicate the problem on a minimal docx template?
    Do you use the latest 2.7.2 jsreport?

    Feel free to continue here or switch to your private support room which is now ready.

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