Can jsreport connect t redshift?

  • Can jsreport connect to redshift and pull data from there to build reports? Can it build reports similar to bank statements for 10K customers for example?

  • There are two ways of providing data to the report.

    1. You obtain data in your existing application and push it to the jsreport together with your template identification.
      In this case you have never problem with connectors because your app is likely already connected to the db you are getting the data from.

    2. You use jsreport custom script and beforeRender hook to obtain the data. In this case you can connect everywhere nodejs can connect because custom scripts are evaluated in the nodejs sandbox. This means you can connect pretty much everywhere.
      I recommend to check custom script documentation and this example that does the same thing. Find a nodejs driver for the Redshift, likely the one AWS provides. And you are almost there.

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