Multiple paged Table overflowing to footer

  • Hi, On my jsreport, table is to be expanded to multiple pages. But, the table is overflowing to footer. And also, the expectation is for table to respect the padding of pages. which is not being followed. Here is the project on playground.

  • thank you for sharing the playground demo.

    You need to set the margin in the chrome settings in order to make space for the header/footer.
    See it here

  • Thank you. @jan_blaha. Can you tell me, how to configure this from API client? I am using it with .Net Client where the template is being sent through API (from .Net SDK with function: RenderAsync). I couldn't find any documentation related to that.

  • Nevermind, I found the solution. I am posting this anyway for case if anyone else has similar problem.

                var report = await rs.RenderAsync(new RenderRequest()
                    Template = new Template()
                        Recipe = Recipe.ChromePdf,
                        Chrome = new Chrome()
                            MarginTop = "1cm",
                            MarginBottom = "2cm",
                            MarginLeft = "1cm",
                            MarginRight = "1cm"
                        Engine = Engine.Handlebars,
                        Content = templateData,
                        PdfOperations = new List<PdfOperation>() { pdfOperation }
                    Data = new
                        item = item,
                        image = imgBaseSixtyFour
                using (var fs = File.Create(fileName))

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