Problem after update version JSReport

  • Hello, after update version JSReport i have problem, cant import some report, have this error

    RequestError: Import failed: Unable to upsert an entity (templates) "/Apps/Apps/DispJournal/RecordXLS/RecordsXlsTemplate" during the import: RequestError: Invalid column name 'htmlToXlsx_templateAssetShortid'.
    at handleError (C:\snapshot\jsreport\node_modules\mssql\lib\tedious\request.js:366:15)
    at Connection.emit (events.js:198:13)
    at Parser.createTokenStreamParser.tokenStreamParser.on.token (C:\snapshot\jsreport\node_modules\tedious\lib\connection.js:832:12)
    at Parser.emit (events.js:198:13)
    at Parser.constructor.parser.on.token (C:\snapshot\jsreport\node_modules\tedious\lib\token\token-stream-parser.js:37:14)

    How i can fix that problem ? Thank you in advance

  • Hi,

    unfortunately, the jsreport sql drivers don't handle sql change scripts between versions.
    You need to alter your db on your own and add the missing column that was introduced in the later jsreport version.

    In this case, you should run something like this
    ALTER TABLE jsreport_TemplateType ADD htmlToXlsx_templateAssetShortid nvarchar(255)

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