Excel Report issue in windows system.

  • Hi, I was working on jsreport and I was able to render excel sheet. After downloading excel sheet which has 4 worksheets and opening it in windows system it is landing to default worksheet(sheet 2) as expected but the tab of default worksheet is going behind 3 dots and tabs of sheet 3 and sheet 4 are displayed. It is working fine in Linux system and online excel, only in windows system I am facing this problem. Can you please help me. Thank in advance.


    The above pic is how I am getting after opening the excel report.


    The second pic is how I want the output. All tabs should be visible.

  • Hi, you are using xlsx recipe?
    The common problem resolution here is to open the output in excel, make it how you want, save it.
    Unzip both original and fixed and compare what is changed in xmls.
    When you find out, try to replicate the change in you

  • Yes I am using xlsx recipe. I will try the way you said. Thank you

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