correlating logs by render request

  • Hi,

    I am wondering if it's possible to have some identifier (request id? guid?) in the logs to correlate logs with their specific render request.

    I see the following sample output from the logs, where the starting and terminating logs include the requestid, but subsequent logs do not. This would be ideal for correlating logs for requests that happen concurrently.

    2020-07-09T15:57:31.587Z - info: Starting rendering request 5 (user: null)
    2020-07-09T15:57:31.648Z - debug: Skipping storing report.
    2020-07-09T15:57:31.649Z - info: Rendering request 8 finished in 22 ms
    2020-07-09T15:57:31.652Z - debug: Rendering engine handlebars using http-server strategy
    2020-07-09T15:57:31.665Z - debug: Taking compiled template from engine cache
    2020-07-09T15:57:31.667Z - debug: Executing recipe html
    2020-07-09T15:57:31.667Z - debug: Skipping storing report.
    2020-07-09T15:57:31.668Z - info: Rendering request 5 finished in 80 ms

    Is there a setting or configuration that accomplishes this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Thank you for the nice suggestion.
    We take a look at how this can be done, It's in our backlog now

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