html-to-xlsx data-cell-type="date" format issue

  • Hi, started using jsreports version: 2.8.0 on windows and it seems if we are creating a xlsx with html-to-xlsx it gives an incorrect date in the sheet.
    Data passed to the jsreport date is for exmple 04/20/2020 and when rendered in the sheet it is 04/19/2020 22:00:00
    We are GMT+2 seems it is transalting the date to UTC date time. I only want the date not time and need to format it as date for date calculations in sheet.
    This only seesm to happen on jsreports on windows, on our linux server it is working correct.

    template: is using thisfor this colum

    <td data-cell-type="date" data-cell-format-enum="14">


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