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  • Hello everybody,

    I managed to generate a simple PDF report using Javascript :-)
    It works great but I need to include in my PDF report some screenshots (in fact, I'm developing a 3D "house simulator" and I want to send to the customer the result of his simulation, meaning a report with all the products included in his house and several 3D views of the house).

    Can JsReport allow me to do that ?



  • Please try to elaborate more. How do you obtain the screenshots? They are saved somewhere as files?
    The chrome-pdf can normally render images from HTML to the pdf.

  • For now, my screenshots are not available : I planned to use something like html2canvas to generate screenshots, but as I wanted to make a client-only app, I didn’t plan to store the screenshots on a server.

  • Any help would be appreciated :-)

    Can I use one of jsReport's features to get a screenshot and integrate it into a PDF report ?
    If I can't integrate it in my existing report, can I produce a second PDF report with my screenshots ?

  • How about this approach...

    You use custom jsreport script to fetch the screenshot image from a remote URL, convert image to the base64 and embed it to the report.
    Demo here

    The scripts documentation is here

  • Finally, that's pretty much what I did : I'm taking my screenshots, store them into variables then I generate my report and include these screenshots in it.
    Thanks for your help :-)

    Another question : I did it using phantom-pdf (less complicated to install for me). Do I need to use chrome-pdf instead, for my needs, or is it okay to use phantom-pdf (as it works perfectly) ?

  • Keep using what works for you the best. :)

    The downside of the phantom is that it isn't maintained.
    So in the time, it may be problematic to run it on newer OS versions for example.

  • Thanks again.
    I think I'll stay with phantom-pdf at the beginning...

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