opening the results in new window is not working in IE 11

  • when i open the result in new window using the below code it work fine in chrome and firefox,

    **jsreport.renderAsync(request).then(function(res) {

    //open in new window

    //open download dialog'test.pdf')

    but this is not working in IE in my case it is IE 11,

    please help on how to handle this in IE

  • Did you check the console in the F12 tools?
    There is clearly written that this browser doesn't support the promises and you need to link to the page a custom implementation like a Bluebird.

    This should be enough

    <script src=''></script>
    Hello wolrd
            template: {
                content: 'foo',
                engine: 'none',
                recipe: 'phantom-pdf'
        }).then(function (r) { 

  • thanks for the replay, i have done the same thing.

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