Issues related to connecting two tables using data model while uploading to jsreport

  • Dear Js-report team,
    I am using two separate tables from two separate sheets and creating their pivot tables and, then I was trying to connect them via a data model by creating a relationship based on primary and foreign keys. I want to connect these two tables to a single slicer. However, after uploading my xlsx template and after downloading preview, I am getting an error "an issue with a data model is preventing excel to open this workbook." Can you please help me in understanding the cause of this error and how it can be solved.

  • Hi,
    thank you for your interest in jsreport.

    Would you be able to provide us a playground workspace we could take a look at and try to find out the source of the problem?

  • Link for playground workspace : (Folder Name - testDataModel) :

  • I apologize, I meant if you can export it and make it public here.

  • My mistake. Thank you.
    Here's the link of playground workspace :

  • Thank you, I gave it an hour but I haven't been able to locate the problem and don't have more time for it at this moment. However, I give you at least a theoretical guideline on how to solve this.

    Create two simple tables with two columns.
    Fill there two proper data rows.
    Link them with relationships and create a pivot table.
    Save to a xlsx file.
    Add one proper row to one of the tables and save again to another xlsx file.
    Now unzip both files and compare the folders and see what has changed.
    This way you find out what you need to replicate in the xlsx recipe.
    This is unfortunately very time-consuming.
    I apologize for not providing a better answer.

  • Okay. Thank you

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