JSReport Licence server - timeout?

  • Hi all,

    Is anyone else getting timeouts from the JSReport licensing server (https://jsreportonline.net/license-key) from yesterday onwards (09 Aug 2020) ??

    We are receiving a 504 Gateway Timeout response after > 30secs

    @jan_blaha, I can supply additional info if you require any further details.

    Thanks in advance,

  • I apologize for the problems.
    The licensing server should be fixed now.
    We will investigate the problem deeper to prevent this from happening in the future again.

  • Thank you @jan_blaha for the quick resolution. Warm regards.

  • @jan_blaha , I'm afraid we are experiencing this again, as of Sunday 13th September, 23:55 (GMT) - JSReport Version 2.7.2. Response received is a 504 Gateway Timeout.

    I know that there is an enhancement in the 2.10 release for the licensing workflow, but we cannot upgrade to this version just yet.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hm, I am very very sorry.
    I restarted/fixed the licensing containers and it works again.
    Analyzing this again, we couldn't find the reason on the server the last time.

  • @jan_blaha Thank you again for resolving issue. All good as of Monday, 14th September 05:50 (GMT).

  • FYI we updated the licensing server with a fix and also "self healing" logic to prevent this happening in the future.

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