pdfFormElement: Digital Signature type

  • Hi!
    the new pdfFormElement feature rocks and opens a lot of interesting scenarios. Unfortunately one missing field type "Digital Signature" limits the possibility of usage to produce "signable" PDFs to be used with digital signature services or platforms.

    Is it in roadmap to evolve this feature adding new capability?

    We are open to contribute to the development.


  • Hi,

    glad you ask for this.
    The forms now include just the very basic elements because we were waiting for users' interest in other fields.
    It's definitely on our roadmap to improve this feature based on the user requests.

    I filled the signature field requirement to our backlog now

    If you are interested in the contribution you can look here at the main code.
    The formElement helper implementation doing some validations is here.
    And mainly the tests are here.

    I was developing this in a way that I mainly prepared the desired pdf with one form field using acrobat.
    Then inspect the pdf structure using rups tool.
    While also reading the pdf specification.

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