Excel styles for amount and percentage

  • Hi,
    I am trying to put in styles for amounts and percentage columns. Here is playground with the xlsxTemplate I am using which defines styles for amtCol and percCol.


    I have tried all s="2" to s="4" and my sheet fails and needs repair.

    Pl help me identify the style or create a new xlsxtemplate with good styling,
    I have already spend lot of time on it,
    pl help,

    Styles.xml extracted by making it rar file etc

    -<numFmts count="1">
    <numFmt formatCode=""$"#,##0.00" numFmtId="164"/>
    -<cellStyleXfs count="5">
    <xf numFmtId="0" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="0"/>
    <xf numFmtId="0" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="2"/>
    <xf numFmtId="1" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="1"/>
    <xf numFmtId="10" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="1"/>
    <xf numFmtId="164" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="1"/>
    -<cellXfs count="4">
    <xf numFmtId="0" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="0" xfId="0"/>
    <xf numFmtId="0" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="2" xfId="1"/>
    <xf numFmtId="164" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="1" xfId="4"/>
    <xf numFmtId="10" borderId="0" fillId="0" fontId="1" xfId="3"/>
    -<cellStyles count="5">
    <cellStyle xfId="4" name="AmtCol"/>
    <cellStyle xfId="0" name="Normal" builtinId="0"/>
    <cellStyle xfId="2" name="NumberCol"/>
    <cellStyle xfId="3" name="percCol"/>
    <cellStyle xfId="1" name="rptHeading"/>

  • What a dumb thing. Just defining styles doesn't matter until they are used in the sheet.
    If i create a row with rubbish data and apply these styles and then use the template in jsreport then it works.

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