Report with many images

  • Good Morning!
    I need to make a report that has more than 600 images. Up to 70 images load correctly, but more than that amount I am not able to. What alternative is there?
    I tried increasing the "reportTimeout" but it didn't work.
    From already thank you very much. Greetings from Argentina.

  • Could you tell me how you uploaded the images that I can't?

  • I get the images through a fixed uri that I have.
    I embed the images as follows.
    <img src = "'. $ path.'" alt = "No reference to image found." class = "images_text">

  • Please share the error you get.

  • The error that appears is the following:

    pdf utils failed to remove the hidden marks from pdf, this has no significant impact, but please report the issue. { Error: incorrect header check
    at Zlib.zlibOnError [as onerror] (zlib.js:164:17)
    at processChunkSync (zlib.js:412:12)
    at zlibBufferSync (zlib.js:150:12)
    at Object.syncBufferWrapper [as unzipSync] (zlib.js:733:14)
    at processStream (/home/gabrieldehner/locales/DE/Node Report/pruebaSUb/jsreport-boletin/VersionNuevoDisenio/node_modules/jsreport-pdf-utils/lib/utils/processText.js:50:22)
    at processStream (/home/gabrieldehner/locales/DE/Node Report/pruebaSUb/jsreport-boletin/VersionNuevoDisenio/node_modules/jsreport-pdf-utils/lib/utils/processText.js:74:13)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7) errno: -3, code: 'Z_DATA_ERROR' }
    /usr/bin/node[1688]: ../src/util-inl.h:382:T* node::Malloc(size_t) [with T = char; size_t = long unsigned int]: Assertion `!(n > 0) || (ret != nullptr)' failed.
    1: 0x8fb090 node::Abort() [/usr/bin/node]
    2: 0x8fb165 [/usr/bin/node]
    3: 0x9cc4eb int node::StreamBase::WriteString<(node::encoding)1>(v8::FunctionCallbackInfov8::Value const&) [/usr/bin/node]
    4: 0x9d2e12 void node::StreamBase::JSMethod<node::LibuvStreamWrap, &(int node::StreamBase::WriteString<(node::encoding)1>(v8::FunctionCallbackInfov8::Value const&))>(v8::FunctionCallbackInfov8::Value const&) [/usr/bin/node]
    5: 0xb9166f [/usr/bin/node]
    6: 0xb921d9 v8::internal::Builtin_HandleApiCall(int, v8::internal::Object**, v8::internal::Isolate*) [/usr/bin/node]
    7: 0xbc40ebdbe1d
    2020-09-21T18:10:33.816Z - warn: Rendering request 1 finished with error in 160072 ms
    2020-09-21T18:10:33.819Z - warn: Error when processing render request 1 Timeout during execution of pdf-utils operations Error: Timeout during execution of pdf-utils operations
    at Timeout._onTimeout (/home/gabrieldehner/locales/DE/Node Report/pruebaSUb/jsreport-boletin/VersionNuevoDisenio/node_modules/script-manager/lib/manager-processes.js:29:10)
    at ontimeout (timers.js:436:11)
    at tryOnTimeout (timers.js:300:5)
    at unrefdHandle (timers.js:520:7)
    at Timer.processTimers (timers.js:222:12)
    2020-09-21T18:10:33.826Z - warn: Error during processing request at http://localhost/api/report

  • It worked for the moment. I changed the "Content-Type: application / json". Before I had it as "http_build_query". I don't know if jsreport took longer to render, but now it works fine with 250 images. Many thanks. Regards.

  • Gabriel Dehner:
    I changed the "Content-Type: application / json"

    Hello, can u tell me exactly where u change ? I have the same issue.

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