Upgrade from 1.10 to latest moving existing templates

  • hello there's we have been using jsreport enterprise with version 1.10, and we have a few templates on our current production server. We are looking forward to migrate from this 1.10 to the current version. But we worry about this change from phantonjs to chrome pdf engine.

    • Did anyone made an upgrade like that before ?

    • How can we get all our templates from v1.10 into a new server with new jsreport version ?

    • Can we use import/export plugin tool to make this migration between versions ?

    • is chrome pdf engine supporting all features from phantonjs ?

    • is there any breaking change that we should care about and deal with before this migration ?

    • Is this https://gumroad.com/l/NCCKu the deal to pay for this version upgrade ?

  • Please try the approach described here (be sure to back up everything)

    Don't hesitate to come back here if you have any problems.

    Yes, you can use the gumroad link if you have jsreport enterprise perpetual license that isn't valid for the latest version.
    It includes six months of free upgrades since it was purchased.

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