why reportData is undefined?

  • hi,

    I have report that gets data from api. and sets the value to req.data.reportData.

    function beforeRender(req, res, done) {
    var postRequest = (postOptions.port == 443 ? https : http).request(postOptions, (result) => {
           var str = '';
           result.on('data', (b) => str += b);
           result.on('end', () => {
               req.data.reportData = JSON.parse(str);

    I want to use that value in normal javascript. but reportData is undefined.

    document.querySelector("#theElement").innerHTML = reportData.theProp;

    what am I missing here?

    there were other reports that I copied having this usage {{{toJSON reportData.theProp}}}
    but I want to be able to use directly from js. how can I do that?

  • it turned out I need to add helper.js file near the report template file.

    and after call like this.
    var reportData = {{{toJSON reportData}}};

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