jsreport in angular app

  • Hello,
    I am trying to configure jsreport-client in an angular application.
    I followed typescript example on https://github.com/jsreport/jsreport-typescript-example
    I created a service file to render reports using code on jsreport-typescript-example/src/client.ts file of the example.
    I install jsreport, jsreport-client, @types/jsreport, and @types/jsreport-client.
    But when I try to run my application I am getting different errors:
    ERROR in ./node_modules/jsreport-client/lib/client.js
    Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'https' in 'C:\Users\Carlos\Source\Repos\AngularSamples\reports\node_modules\jsreport-client\lib'

    ERROR in ./node_modules/jsreport-client/lib/client.js
    Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'stream' in 'C:\Users\Carlos\Source\Repos\AngularSamples\reports\node_modules\jsreport-client\lib'

    Any idea why this could be or how to resolve issue?
    Thanks for any help.

  • The jsreport-client is server side nodejs package.

    If you want to call the jsreport server from the browser, you should check the browser client here

  • Thanks a lot for your help. You point me in the right direction and I was able to advance in my project.

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