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  • Hey There,

    Some guys said that phantomjs might no longer be maintained in future, and suggested move to headless chrome.

    What is your opinion about this news? And do you have any plan about this?

    Thank you! @administrators

  • Hi,

    yes we know this for quite some time and monitor it. The jsreport recipes based on the headless chrome will come soon and extend the already existing family of pdf generation tools supported in jsreport. There is a chance such recipes will also become the jsreport default in the future.

    However there is no need to panic. The phantomjs 1.9 jsreport uses as default is not being developed for years and is still the best among other tools if we look at pros and cons. There are of course plenty of the issues like low support for modern css or js which headless chrome should solve. But phantom-pdf will have still advantages like small size and will be supported in jsreport for long time. From this point nothing dramatic is happening, the headless chrome is mainly a chance to give jsreport users more options.

    We are now waiting for the headless chrome to run cross platform on windows (expected release v60). We want to also give some time to the electron maintainers. There is a chance they will integrate headless chrome inside its core. This would mean we have no work and our jsreport-electron-pdf will basically start run headless chrome automatically. Otherwise we make a new native recipe.

    Note that users searching for the latest css support can already use the jsreport-electron-pdf recipe. It also uses chrome. It just has more complicated startup compared to the future headless version.

    Hope this answer satisfies you.

  • Yes, every implementation have pros and cons. Looking forward to a stronger and better JSreport. Thank you!

  • I've just released a prototype of headless chrome recipe.
    It is just a prototype, it is not for production and it produces basically same pdf as electron.
    However if anyone interested, it can be found here

    As the headless chrome evolves, we will improve it and hopefully soon get to something great.

  • That is a good news. We will try that. Thank you!

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