Really stumped on aws-s3-storage error

  • Using docker with a mapped volume to my main jsreports directory, uploaded to aws serverless and the base "invoice-main" sample works except for a strange "foreach" error. But when I try to add the aws-s3-storage feature, adding the BlobStorage provider "aws-s3-storage" to my prod.config.json file, and then adding all the extensions required, I get the following error when I try to restart docker.

    error: Error occured during reporter init Error: options contain values that does not match the defined full root schema. schema validation errors: rootOptions.blobStorage.provider should be equal to one of the allowed values. allowed values: ["memory", "fs", "azure-storage", "gridFS"]

    S3 isn't even there?!?! I tried adding and removing "S3Options": {} in the extensions section with no difference in result.

    I am a node.js noob so any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Please share the full jsreport startup log/output and how your dockerfile looks like.
    It seems you installed jsreport-azure-storage instead of jsreport-aws-s3-storage.

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