Enterprise license Expiration Date

  • Our subscription expires on Thursday 11/5/2020 and we have a meeting with our client (who also pays for the license) on that very day to show them our progress. Will we still be able to use jsreport on 11/5/2020 or does it stop working the night before at midnight? We'll ask them to renew the license during our meeting, I just want to make sure we'll be able to show our progress first. There is a good change our meeting may be pushed back by one day to 11/6/2020. I assume that on Friday 11/6 it definitely won't work anymore?

  • The license always works one more month after the expiration. It just logs the warning during this time.
    This gives you time to solve the payment problems.

  • That's great news! That gives us more than enough time to have them renew the license. Thanks!

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