jsreport pdf save into postgresql bytea field

  • I want to save pdf into postgresql bytea field

    My code is:

    var data = {
    data: {"rows": genStatsJSON[0].jsonlistb },
    options: { 'Content-Disposition': 'Attachment; filename=badges.pdf' }
    var options = {
    uri: 'http://localhost:3000/reporting/api/report',
    method: "POST",
    json: data

      const file = fs.createWriteStream('databaseReport.pdf');
      const response = await request(options).pipe(file);

    const saveJob = await getManager().query(
    INSERT INTO jobs_report (job_id, report_name, report_bytes) VALUES('d28d47ec-f5ee-41b9-a9a3-61796891e9e6','databaseReport.pdf', '${response}')

    How can I save in node.js?

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