jsreportonline saas and update configuration

  • Is it possible to update the configuration for hosted jsreportonline instances? I would like to add support for http and maybe other modules in future.

  • This is currently not possible, but we are open to enable some major modules globally for everyone.
    http makes sense, currently there is request module enabled, but maybe it doesn't fit your needs and you want to go more level down.

  • Request should work. Right now just need basic GET and POST. Thanks!

  • Ok great. The request should be ok for the basic stuff like this

    function beforeRender(req, res, done) {
        }, function(err, res, body){
            req.data = Object.assign({}, req.data, body);

  • @jan_blaha Is there a list of those modules anywhere and could I request accounting.js be added to that list? (robust little currency format handling library, would imagine every business would find it useful).

  • @4xle These are currently supported: moment, underscore, lodash, request. We will consider adding accounting.js, however you should be able to use it already through assets. Upload it through studio and put it to the place were you need it using {#asset accounting.js @encoding=string}}

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