Restart server

  • Sometimes jsreport crashes. How can I restart the server automatically when this happens? For instance restart server every hour?

  • Could you provide logs of why it's crashing so we can find a fix?

    Typically you use some kind of runtime that does auto-restart like docker.
    Or just some node utility that does that, like PM2.

  • Due to other services on the same server using almost 100% CPU and RAM for some periods I assume it just does not have enough resources when needed. Will see if I can find some log files. Thx.

  • The files in C:\Program Files\jsreportapp\logs
    error and reporter does not give any meaningfull errors.

    When I try to go to http://jsreport:5488/ it just says unavailable - also localhost:5488 on the server. I can ship you the error-files.

    I sent you an e-mail with the logfiles for debug.

  • The windows event viewer shows:
    "Failed to start service jsreport-server. Program node couldn't be launched. CreateProcess() failed: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command."

    And some other processes running on that computer is takeing 100% of memory so that seems correct. Might have to add a delay on the retries. For instance try to restart the service every x minutes for the next x hours.

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