Downloaded pdf with renderAsync not opening

  • jsreport.renderAsync(reportRequest).then(function(res) {
                if(type == "reprot_download"){

  • Please try to handle the failed promise with catch, does it return any error?
    Check also F12 browser tools and check network and console. Are there some errors?

  • I have logged the result as string like res.toString(). It's printing full HTML.
    with res. download pdf is downloaded but when I open this is saying " File type HTML document (text/html) is not supported". this is my full code:

    jsreport.serverUrl = 'URL';
    let reportRequest = {
    template: {
    "probing_data": this.state.probingList

        let _this = this
        jsreport.renderAsync(reportRequest).then(function(res) {
            if(type == "report_generate"){
            if(type == "reprot_download"){

  • It seems your template has the wrong recipe when it is rendering HTML. Check it out in the jsreport studio.

  • Thank!. it is html-with-browser-client. which should i use instead?

  • Please check the documentation

    Probably the chrome-pdf one.

  • Thank you!

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