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    I've just come across jsreport, and it's interesting. I'm familiar with creating Excel via coding libraries in other languages (ruby/python) and I've been looking for a solution in JavaScript (or TypeScript) for deno. The jsreport approach is fresh and interesting. I see interaction with jsreport is possible with node (e.g. in the 'PDF in TypeScript' it possible have a client call the server within the node app). Apart from the REST-calling approach, I was wondering what future support is planned or possible for deno (which supports ES Modules)?


  • Glad you find jsreport interersting.

    We keep an eye on Deno, it looks also interesting. :)
    I am afraid we cannot simply port jsreport to Deno runtime. jsreport uses many nodejs native modules (networking, file system, crypto....) which will need to be replaced with Deno alternative. This would be really a lot of work.

    I think our plan will be to wait a bit what future brings. When Deno will mature to production it will be more clear and likely also some nodejs porting automations will pop up.

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