Browser client, donwload pdf withouth Auth

  • Hi i try to connect mi react webApp with my jsReport server.
    i'm use renderAsync and the response is a anchor "<a>" with the url where open the link. something like that

    "Async rendering in progress. Use Location response header to check the current status. Check it here".

    everything is fine but when i change the browser i see that the new page request me loguin agin.

    can a user download a PDF without login?
    how can i skip the login request and only download the file?

    there is my code:

    const renderAsync = async () => {
           jsreport.headers['Authorization'] = "Basic " + btoa(JS_REPORT_USER + ':' + JS_REPORT_PASSWORD)
           jsreport.serverUrl = urlProd;
           let fileName ='filename';
           const request = {
               template: {
                   name: JS_REPORT_TEMPLEATE_PAUTA_PATH,
                   engine: 'handlebars',
                   recipe: 'chrome-pdf',
                   chrome: {
                       "landscape": true
               data: data,
               options: {
                   reports: { "async": true, "public": true },
                   reportName: fileName
           jsreport.renderAsync(request).then((res) => {
               const contentType = 'application/pdf'
               const dataView = new DataView(res);
               let blob;
               let objectURL;
               try {
                   blob = new Blob([dataView])
                 } catch (e) {
                   console.log('Error', e);
                   if ( === 'InvalidStateError') {
                       var byteArray = new Uint8Array(res)
                       blob = new Blob([byteArray.buffer], { type: contentType })
                   } else {
                       throw e
               objectURL = URL.createObjectURL(blob)
               const placeholder = document.getElementById('placeholder'); // get element html placeholder
               const link = document.createElement("a"); // create anchor
               const iframe = document.createElement('iframe') // create iframe
      = 'myFrame'; // add id
               link.href = objectURL; // the content of the response is added to a component for the iframe
      = fileName;
               iframe.src = objectURL; // the content of the response is added
      = '100%';
      = '100%';
               // clear placeholder
               while (placeholder.firstChild) {
            // Everything work fine
           }).then(() => {
               // timer
               setTimeout(() => {
                   const iframe_temp = document.getElementById("myFrame"); // get iframe for the data
                   var elmnt = iframe_temp.contentWindow.document; // get element
                   const bodyString = elmnt.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].innerHTML; // get body of the iframe
                   // split the string
                   const arr = bodyString.split('href=\'');
                   const arr2 = arr[1].split('/status');
                   const urlToPDF = arr2[0] + '/content';
                   setLinkURL(urlToPDF); // url to open
                   // example urlToPDF:
                }, 5000);

    Thanks for the time to read me and any answer is welcome

  • Hi,

    please try this option


  • hi thanks for the reply, actually i have in the options => report the public attribute

    options: {
                   reports: { "async": true, "public": true },
                   reportName: fileName

    here is a example of my request that i send


    and work greath in my local and in the prod server when i login

    but wath i trie is that the user can download without login.

    there is a way how can i do that?

    thanks again for the answer

  • Or is it mandatory for the user/client log in at least once?

  • I see. The problem is that we didn't support async:true reports to be public. I improved this now and released patch, please update and try again.

    npm i jsreport-reports@2.5.2 --save

  • Thank you very much.
    that solved the problem completely
    and again thanks for the quick answer

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