HTML-to-XLSX unexpected behavior

  • Hello! While making an a simple template for my job I have got unexpected result from jsreport with HTML-to-XLSX recipe.

    2.10 version running with docker

    Link to playground:

    Try to switch to html recipe (instead html-to-xslx) to see what expected.

    After some trials I got that unexpected behavior comes when I add second
    <td rowspan="2">Amount 4</td>
    at 16 line. Try to play around, remove it and run.

    I'm not sure about problem comes exactly from 16 line, but it is only one point that I got.

    Any workaround here?

  • Please try to update the jsreport-html-to-xlsx extension. The problem with rowspan should be fixed there.

    npm i jsreport-html-to-xlsx@2.8.4  

  • Thanks, it works!

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