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  • I'm experiencing an issue with our server running 2.10. (this setup uses the docker image jsreport/jsreport:2.10.0-full ) I have about three reports being generated async that range from 65-75mb that seem to finish, status changes to report ready, but the file does not seem to get saved and you can not retrieve the file through the api. Our store.provider is mssql and the blobStorage.provider is fs. Running smaller files (< 50mb) seem to have no issues and get saved to the expected folder, and am able to retrieve without issue.

    I've been able to run the same code on my local computer (mac) using the sotre.provider: fs and calling it through the api async.

    Error I see:
    ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/app/data/storage/1a4d4cd3-f9c7-4285-b7c4-29cc69aa81b8.pdf', stack: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/app/data/storage/1a4d4cd3-f9c7-4285-b7c4-29cc69aa81b8.pdf'

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hmm, I don't see why the file size could cause such a problem.

    Could you try to verify the same problem persist in the latest version jsreport/jsreport:2.11.0-full?

    How does your deployment look like? It is an azure web app? Or plain VMs? Just a single VM?

    Maybe you have multiple jsreport instances each having its own /app/data/storage folder and the request that writes to the blob storage is running on a different server than the server reading the blob. In this case you can use blobStorage.provider = azure-storage.

  • Yeah I don't see why it would either. We have two servers deployed to an AWS ECS. We are aware of the issue with them both having their own /app/data/storage and are working on a solution that will work for us. In the mean time we just make the request until the load balancer points to the correct server. I've checked both servers for the files as well as requested the file more than enough times to hit the correct server. Like I said the smaller files we have not had any issues with and the larger ones have been consistently an issue since we upgraded to 2.10.

    I will setup the 2.11 when I get a chance and see if I see the same thing.


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