Corrupt pptx file after processing images with pptx recipe

  • When I try to generate a report from a template which contains more than 2 images per slide, the output file is corrupt when opened with PowerPoint or KeyNote and for some reason it works only with LibreOffice.
    If I have only one image each slide, everything works well.
    While debugging this problem I found out that only the images added chronologically on the slide in even positions are not replaced(1st and 3rd are replaced properly, the 2nd and the 4th remain default but without the "{{" text from the template.

  • Thank you, it's eventually a bug.
    Would you please share a simple playground demo so we can provide a fix for the particular case?

  • I didn't manage to use the playground to create a demo because I get some 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.13.12 error when I`m uploading my pptx file, but I recorded a video where I present my problem:
    I will try to make the playground demo work by tomorrow to show more concrete proof of my problem.

  • Thank you for the nice video.
    There is likely a file size limit in the playground.
    Please upload your here or to some kind of dropbox.


    Here is everything I used to render my file in the demo.(it requires a local jsreport server to be running and may require some node modules to be installed before it would run properly).
    As I said, result.pptx is corrupt because of the leftover group of that unchanged image.

  • Thank you. We will take a look.

  • I believe I fixed it. Please update pptx recipe using. Let me know if it works for you then.

    npm i jsreport-pptx@0.7.1 --save

  • Now it works just fine. Thank you!

    I also discovered that LibreOffice doesn't get along with KeyNote, as the later one can't open files edited by Libre(PowerPoint and Google Slides have no problem doing this).

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