Do JsReport Support saving of Generated Reports using Managed Identites in Azure Storage?

  • Hi Jan,
    I am currently using jsreport-azure-storage npm package to save the Generated Reports in Azure Blob Storage and which uses the below configuration.

        "blobStorage": {  
            "name": "azure-storage", 
            "accountName": "...", 
            "accountKey": "...", 
            "container": "..."

    My Requirement is that I don't want to share the AccountKey and Account Name of Storage with anyone and hence we are using Managed Identities now for the Storage. and the generated Report must be saved using Managed Identities not using above configuration.

    Please help me if you have something there to save the generated reports using Managed Identities.

    Zahid Khan

  • Hi,
    I will check it out...

  • Sure Thanks waiting on you :)

  • It should be ready.
    Please update to the latest jsreport-azure-storage@1.2.0 and configure using the following

    "blobStorage": { 
      "provider": "azure-storage"
    "extensions": {
        "azure-storage": {
          "accountName": "youraccountname"		

    Let me know how it works for you

  • Thank You so much Jan 🥺 for implementing this for me in such a short span of time . Will try and let you know it is working.😊😊

  • Thanks Jan It is working for me 😁

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