Is there any way to create an accessible PDF?

  • I need to be able to create a tagged pdf, set the pdf language, set the title, etc, in order to make it Accessible. When I open a pdf generated by jsReport it fails maany accessibility checks. Is there any way to properly make my generated pdf accessible with jsReport?

  • Thank you for the request. I pushed it to our backlog.
    At this moment you can try to post-process the jsreport produced pdf with an external tool.

  • I'm looking for the same answer, for example when I set the 'alt' tag, the 'aria-label', the 'title', or the 'label' field on a html element such as an <img> when I render to html a screen reader can find the tag just fine, but after chrome-pdf processes and I look at the result in the studio the image is an unnamed image.

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