External chromium support

  • Hi,
    i'm trying to use jsreport on my Ubuntu 18.04 ppc64le (IBM Power 9 Server)
    There isn't any Google Chrome package for this architecture, but i've found a version of chromium that work on my system.
    There's a way to use jsreport chrome pdf with a external chromium instance and not the default contained in puppeteer?

    i'm already try wkhtmltopdf but, there is only standard version without QT patches and i'm not be able to use it with header and footer support. (i've try to build it but with no success)

    i think jsreport is a valid solution for my business, but i need a recipe that work on my system that produce pdf from html with header and footer

  • You can set this environment variable before doing npm install.


    and then use this env variable when starting jsreport


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