{{pptxSlides list}} corrupted output

  • When generating a presentation from a template which includes pptxSlides, if the list contains more than one item(at least one additional slide is generated),the result file appears to be corrupted when opened with keyNote or PowerPoint.
    The PowerPoint repairer signals that the first slide in the generated slides list is broken, and also, the first item to be replaced by the presentation is not properly parsed(is replaced by blank in all the generated slides), if the item is happens to be an image, the jsreport api crashes.
    When I mention the first item to be replaced, I mean the chronological order in which the items were inserted in the slide.
    Reproduction of the bug:

  • I apologize for the pptx bugs.
    It should be fixed now in the jsreport-pptx@0.7.3.
    Please update and let me know if it's fixed for you.

  • Unfortunately, although LibreOffice has no problem opening the file, it still appears to be corrupted when opened with PowerPoint or KeyNote.
    I have to mention that this demo has a bigger dataset and a more complex template.


  • I pushed the fixes, please try it from the git dep

    npm i jsreport/jsreport-pptx

    I've tested it with your data and template and the result seems valid in PowerPoint.

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