Setup Lambda function - cannot find extension

  • Hello apologies for the noob question, just trying to setup the aws lambda function using the starter kit and tutorial however I am running across this error:

      "errorMessage": "2021-04-16T14:39:31.032Z 1ca25f8c-a972-42f2-8f13-0226b76415e4 Task timed out after 3.00 seconds"
    Function Logs
    START RequestId: 1ca25f8c-a972-42f2-8f13-0226b76415e4 Version: $LATEST
    2021-04-16T14:39:28.062Z	1ca25f8c-a972-42f2-8f13-0226b76415e4	INFO	==>init
    2021-04-16T14:39:29.340Z - info: Initializing jsreport@2.9.0 in development mode using configuration file: /var/task/prod.config.json
    2021-04-16T14:39:29.359Z - info: Searching for available extensions in /opt/nodejs/
    2021-04-16T14:39:29.380Z - info: Extensions location cache not found, crawling directories
    END RequestId: 1ca25f8c-a972-42f2-8f13-0226b76415e4
    REPORT RequestId: 1ca25f8c-a972-42f2-8f13-0226b76415e4	Duration: 3003.47 ms	Billed Duration: 3000 ms	Memory Size: 128 MB	Max Memory Used: 55 MB	
    2021-04-16T14:39:31.032Z 1ca25f8c-a972-42f2-8f13-0226b76415e4 Task timed out after 3.00 seconds
    Request ID

  • Are you able to start locally?
    Could you try to increase the lambda memory and try again?

  • Thanks @jan_blaha that did the trick.

    My original configuration was 128MB with a timeout of 3 second (this was the default lambda settings), increasing the memory to 1000MB with 10 seconds timeout seem to give me reliable results, a timeout that is less may not work sometimes that I think maybe due to lambda cold starts.

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