JSreport PDF Size differs on different servers with same OS

  • Hello,

    I am developing a pdf report using JSReport. The final PDF is fine on my local computer, and it is also the same on private hospital servers in Turkey. However we also have a cloud server on Amazon, and the PDF report size is different on that server. And that causes some problems when I merge header and the body of report using pdf-utils.

    I checked the forums before posting this, and it is not relevant to the issue with Windows/Ubuntu server difference. All the servers are using Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (Amazon and local hospital servers)

    I have to hide patient sensitive data from the example report screenshots.

    This is the correct form of our report (both in my local pc and private hospital servers inside Turkey)

    This is the example from our server on Amazon, which is way too large.

  • I see there is a different font in the second pdf.
    Please check the differences in the installed fonts on the servers.

  • Thanks, that solved it! Liberation fonts were not installed.

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