New user unable to view templates, scripts, etc. in Start tab shows values but listed as 'anonymous'

  • New user just created today. She is able to login but sees what is in the screenshot below.

    0_1501257887937_Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 11.47.41 AM.png

  • New user in jsreport doesn't have permissions to already existing objects. You need to add permissions explicitly.

    jsreport authorization extension implements permission rules evaluation and delegation with single object granularity. Every user previously created by authentication extension is only authorized to manage objects created by himself by default. If the user wants to share an object with another user he needs to explicitly set this up in the permissions form. jsreport can currently distinguish only between read and edit permissions where edit permission represents all operations including permission delegation.

  • Is this something we are unable to do directly in the application? I am currently using the online jsreport service ( Is this something I will still need to do through the API?


  • You can control the entity permissions in the left "permissions" properties menu.

  • ahhh - Thanks!!

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