Template broken after migrating from windows to ubuntu

  • Hi, I was developing an application and I used jsreport to generate PDFs. So, I was developing on Windows 10 and using the Windows jsreport distribution but now that I finished developing and published my app in my ubuntu server, I got the error which that version of jsreport was for Windows, so I installed the jsreport on ubuntu through npm and imported the zip file that I exported from windows jsreport and everthing worked fine by here.

    So, I tried to render reports both in through my application request and manual, on jsreport studio and both rendered just bugged. Everything seens to be much much bigger than the reports rendered in Windows.. I have no idea what is causing it, but I really don't want to create my report template from zero.

    Anyone have ideas how to solve this?

  • Unfortunately phantomjs produces different font sizes when being run on windows vs linux. Here you can find some notes in docs together with style based workaround which may work for you.

    Another workaround using css zoom is mentioned here

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