Generating .csv file of Report: Data not filling out a single row

  • Hello,

    I have several reports setup in the same fashion to email a .csv file of the report daily. Each row of the report should contain an entry associated with a customer, however, in one of my reports the data in the .csv file for a single customer's data is spread across multiple rows leaving many columns empty. The report file code is seen below:

    {{#each punter_account}}

    I would expect there to be 21 columns with each row containing a data entry in each column, however, the .csv file ends up looking like this:

    (not real customer data)

    Please advise, as I'm lost as to why the .csv formatting gets scrambled on this report, when the same method works across my other reports.

  • I'm sorry but I don't get the point of the question. Would you be able to provide a small playground demo and show the problem?

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