Reports not storing

  • Hi jsreport,

    We have noticed that our reports are not appearing in the 'reports' list after generation for the last few months. We are running 2.11.0. The same thing happens when we use .NET to send requests as well as using the jsreport Studio.

    Here is the listing (Reports up to May 2021):

    Here is what is stored in jsreport/data/storage (All reports right up to yesterday when I produced one - red shows the reports displayed in jsreport Studio):

    It appears that the reports list is from jsreport/data/reports file which appears to only go up to May 2021. Is there something that could be stopping this list from updating correctly? It is happening on my local environment and our azure docker production servers.



  • Hi,

    note the requests from the studio don't store the report output by default.
    Do your API requests instruct jsreport to persist the report output?

          "template": { "name" : "My template" },
          "data" : { ... },
          "options": {
              "reports": { "save": true }

    don't you have a cleanup policy in your configuration?

      "extensions": { 
        "reports": {
          // how often the cleanup runs
          "cleanInterval": "5m",
          // how much old reports should be deleted
          "cleanTreshold": "1d"

    The debug logs for the particular report should have a line about storing or not storing the report. Like
    2021-08-11T08:32:15.787Z - debug: Skipping storing report.

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