Licensing query

  • Hi
    We already have an enterprise license for the version 1.10.0
    Can be same license used for the version 2.11.0 instance as well ?

  • Hi,

    in case you have a subscription that is still active, you are free to update.
    The perpetual license includes 6 months of updates, this means the license would need to be purchased after 7th June 2020, because the jsreport 2.11 was released on 7th December 2020

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.
    But need clarification on this,
    Is it possible to use the same license key for 1.10.0 version and 2.11.0 version jsreport instances at the same time for few days (which are on two different servers) ?
    as we need few days to do this migration of templates from one server to another.
    And whats the impact of doing so ?

  • jsreport automatically gives you a 30days trial when you don't put a license key on the second server.
    This should give you enough time to perform the migration.

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