Certificate issues

  • I have a windows server that uses .cert certificate that is issued to my server and is mapped :443 to the main IIS application. How can I use this cert to the jsreport server?
    If I convert the cert to .pfx will that kill the cert that is installed?
    As this is only being used for communication between my application and jsreport will a self-signed cert work?

  • And the IIS acts as a reverse proxy and forwards request to the jsreport app running as a windows service?

    Or jsreport is just an internal standalone application, and you communicate with it from your IIS application?

  • jsReport is a standalone application that I am communicating to from the IIS application.

  • So maybe you don't need https for this internal communication? However, you can configure jsreport to listen on https this way


    "certificate": {
        "key": "certificates/jsreport.net.key",
        "cert": "certificates/jsreport.net.cert"

    jsreport will be able to start also with self signed certs, but your client will need to be configured to accept it.

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