Dynamic images hosted on server don't show up in reports

  • Dynamic images hosted on server don't show up in reports that have chinese, korean and japanese characters/language bigger than 100 mb. We are using jsreport:2.5.0-full docker image running on AWS ECS with chrome-pdf recipe. The dynamic images show up normally when report language is different from above irrespective of pdf size.

  • Interesting...

    I'm afraid we will need you to give us (upload somewhere) a minimal export zip replicating the issue. Would this be possible?

  • Do you mean logs when the report is created or something else?

  • I mean you prepare a minimal workspace replicating the issue in jsreport studio, download the export zip and share it with us.


  • The issue is not related to js report. The problem was that we were storing the image in s3 and the s3 signed url had an expiry of 3 minutes so large reports wouldn't be able to access those urls. I just increased the expiry time and it solved the issue. Thanks anyway!

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