HTML-to-xlsx error - "spawn Unknown system error -86 Error"

  • Hi everyone.
    This is so odd. I've just been running an HTML-to-xlsx report over and over (in studio) and it was working, when suddenly it started throwing this error:

    2021-08-18T21:34:05.513Z - warn: Error when processing render request 1 Error while executing html-to-xlsx recipe. spawn Unknown system error -86 Error: Error while executing html-to-xlsx recipe. spawn Unknown system error -86
        at module.exports (/Users/johnreineck/jsreportapp/node_modules/jsreport-core/lib/util/createError.js:11:13)
        at Reporter.createError (/Users/johnreineck/jsreportapp/node_modules/jsreport-core/lib/reporter.js:328:12)
        at Object.execute (/Users/johnreineck/jsreportapp/node_modules/jsreport-html-to-xlsx/lib/recipe.js:159:20)
        at <anonymous>
        at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:189:7)
    caused by: Error: spawn Unknown system error -86
        at ChildProcess.spawn (internal/child_process.js:313:11)
        at exports.spawn (child_process.js:503:9)
        at Object.exports.execFile (child_process.js:213:15)
        at Promise (/Users/johnreineck/jsreportapp/node_modules/phantom-page-eval/lib/eval.js:88:34)
        at new Promise (<anonymous>)
        at evaluate (/Users/johnreineck/jsreportapp/node_modules/phantom-page-eval/lib/eval.js:83:14)
        at <anonymous>
    2021-08-18T21:34:05.513Z - warn: Error during processing request at http://localhost:5488/api/report/caseReporting(clone)

    Switching over to HTML it's fine but I do need the to-xlsx version for a one formula.

    I haven't thought of many things to try beyond killing the jsreport process and restarting, then opening studio in another tab.

    Any ideas? Thank you

  • It seems to have an issue starting the phantomjs process. Don't have an idea why it should be hanging suddenly.
    Does it fail also for a simple "hello world" template?

    Any reason to use the phantomjs? The phantomjs project is archived and using chrome instead is recommended.


  • I didn't even know I had that option - that fixed it. Thank you!

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