What should i use in data to add line

  • Hi. i use jsreport in my project.
    My data is include "<br/>" to add line but when i directly write this data to html (phantom pdf) its not adding line. its just adding <br/> like string. Then i change <br/> with "\n" special character.But it is also not working . How should i use this.What should i use in data to add line
    Here is my simple data.
    "test":"test data1 <br/>test data2 <br/>test data3 <br/>"

    And i call it like this

    And the result is
    test data1 <br/>test data2 <br/>test data3 <br/>

    But i want
    test data1
    test data2
    test data3

    Can anyone help me?

  • The handlebars {{a}} by default escapes html. You want to use {{{a}}} which doesn't

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