JS Report On-Premise => JS Report SaaS

  • Background:
    We are currently using JS Report in an on-premise installation to generate 1 particular report for our business. This started as a test use case, but has become a vital part of operations. Well done on the software, it's great!

    I'd like to transition to the SaaS model and get out of the server/security management business. Our current report also sends out an e-mail of the report via nodemailer and SES, which as I understand is not supported on the SaaS offering. I've also read elsewhere that there are alternative ways to accomplish the same task, albeit without these modules. It all seems straightforward enough, but we are woefully short on available development time.

    The Question:

    Would purchasing the support plans inclusive of implementation hours cover such a transition, provided access was given to the on-premise install?
    If not, are there any recommended development resources?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I'm glad you like jsreport software!

    At this moment, you should send emails from the jsreportonline using a service that has a plain HTTP API.
    The jsreportonline supports to require request module which you can do to invoke HTTP call to your email service.

    const request = require('request')
    function afterRender(req, res) {
        //use request to call email serviec

    We concentrate on jsreport integration and don't implement customer's scripts as part of the support. This is a business logic you should be able to maintain.

    With jsreport v3, we will let you install custom modules in jsreportonline, but that will ship to jsreportonline the next year, so if you aren't in rush... However can't promise any exact timeline for the jsreportonline transition.

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